Retro style

The objects and materials used bring us back to that time, recalling the feeling by using colors and forms of that era, as well as bringing some humor.
The textiles vibrate, we find some bright colors, sun- yellow, deep brown, red, bright blue, mint green, pink and black- and – white. The patterns are also dominant, there comes the stripes and the spot sin trend, together with circles, waves, and geometrical forms, triangles, and of course huge flowers. Retro loved futuristic forms and
round shapes.
In the 50s, we meet a new stile, the so called pin- up that was to emphasize on the shape and sexy forms. Of course designers realized it in clothes that showed the shape of the women as well a sin everyday objects, and extra high hills. When we talk about the art, ads were in the centre, especially drink commercials, like coca cola. Women wore bright red lipstick , and black mascara.