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Would you like a more than just a simple wedding decoration and a style that suits you?

Then you are at the right place!

 Sasvári Erika

My name is Erika Sasvári, and I can help you selecting and creating your wedding decoration. That is my passion and profession. I have worked in this field for years, designed and decorated hundreds of weddings. I don’t just know the newest trends, but help you save money by giving free tips about decoration.


Well, let’s see, how prepared you are!

You have selected the perfect place – I am sure you have- you might even know whether you want round or square tables. You went trough dozens of thank you gifts, hundreds of bunches, cakes, decoration  aterial…  You have ideas, but the pieces just full apart instead of giving a whole picture. You have plenty of questions, worry about the budget, and not sure how all these will fit together.

What would you say,
->if somebody would just glue that pieces into one, and took the burden of worry off your shoulders?
->What if somebody called your attention of the mixture of the styles?
->What if somebody would show you the newest trend for a reasonable price?
->What if you found somebody, whom you could trust to know all the places and tricks from A to Z?

It is my profession, and I can help you!

You don’t have to do all the calculations alone, I help you. Forget the men, this field is for women. I go trough the catalogues with you, listen to your ideas, while helping you choose the best possible solution to make your dreams come true.

I guarantee that we will make it sophisticated, and we will make it within your budget.

What is the offer of the year?

Here are the newest trends, that you might find shocking now, but soon you will realize how fine and how much fun they are! You will have a nice wedding in style and harmony.

How do you know, if somebody who was suggested by a restaurant is a good expert who will serve your needs?

The answer is simple: you don’t know.

The list of things to do looks like this:
2/Restaurant (immediately after having the exact date)
3/ Dress
4/ Decoration
5/ Invitation, etc.

As I see, the young couples often go to the restaurant first, and they are offered there all kinds of extra services, including flowers, decoration, music band, cars, etc. My suggestions is , that don’t go with the flow! Don’t let others decide for you, go and shop around. Let the services race for you, tell you why are they better than the concurrent company. Do they consider every aspect of you? Do they pay attention to your style, and budget, or you only get the
standard? Listen to their offer, and choose one, that is really made for you. It shouldn’t cost any money, I am here, if you need help.


The work
Ok, you made up your mind, and you want to meet with me.
What is going to happen now?
Where and how many times are we going to meet?
1. if it is possible, let’s meet at the scene, so we are not only talking about it, but can start the design. But, some restaurants are open only in the season, or the reception is in a tent, or the owner won’t allow us in the restaurant. In these cases we meet in my office, Székesfehérvár. The first meeting is free within 20 km of Székesfehérvár. If I have to travel further than that, there is a charge, but I discount that charge from the price you pay in case of
making a deal.
2. the second meeting is in a couple days before the big day, so we can talk the details over. You can of course reach me between the two meetings online or on the phone

.What do we discuss at the personal mee tings?

I know the location, know where how many people can sit, how they cook, what furniture they have, what kind of decoration is possible to have there, and the structure of the space, that is very important when it comes to decoration. Based on that, we can start talking about the decoration. I tell you exactly, how I work, how much I charge, what I create and take out, talk about the contract and payment, and discuss what happens if your red wine falls in with your bride dress.



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